aalAAL provides vessels and aircraft to support the NZDF, and a wide range of manned and unmanned air, surface aalimage and land target systems and technologies that assist our services to test, evaluate, and maintain operational competencies. The Auckland-based company manufactures specialised underwater signature systems in a collaborative arrangement with the Defence Technology Agency. Systems include the Diver Signature Evaluation System for evaluating diver performance when identifying and deactivating seabed mines; and the lightweight and deployable Multi Influence Sensor System designed to detect and measure the signature levels of vessels. AAL is the New Zealand agent for international defence suppliers, and provides project management, training, technical support and consulting services. AAL Australia Pty Ltd (Sydney) is a wholly owned subsidiary of AAL established to support Kongsberg Digital maritime simulation within Australia and Papua New Guinea. Contact:  paul.gilkson@aal.net.nz Phone: +64 9 477 2143 Read more: http://www.aal.net.nz/