Cyber Toa

With over 35 years experience in cyber security, Cyber Toa has provided an immediate point of difference in the growing Cyber Security market, including the intelligence and defence industry. We understand the market and provide tailor-made cyber security strategies and solutions that set an organisation’s security posture beyond international standards, and offer highly competitive rates designed to deliver real, sustained value.

Cyber Toa are not just a broader consultancy with a cyber security ‘add on’. We are trusted advisors who are passionate about delivering excellence and providing individual solutions for our clients with a personalised approach that not ‘one size fits all’ . We bring excellence in protection  advice and implementing solutions for Government agencies and Private Sector organisations that have highly sensitive and critical data. We understand security at its core, it is what we do all day every day.

Our team has decades of practical experience and can assist you with Risk Assessments, Risk Response Training, Incident Response Training, Incident Response Planning, Incident Technical analysis, and recommend tailored Technology Solutions.  We can also provide a virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) Service for companies that don’t need a full time CISO.