Kiwa Digital

Kiwa Digital is a technology innovator specialising in media localisation. The company was formed in 2003 to meet the need for dubbing children’s television to Māori, where lack of infrastructure called for digital solutions. This led to the development of two innovative software applications now licensed to the booming global language services market: VoiceQ and QUTPro.

VoiceQ automates dialog replacement in the post-production stage of film, TV, video, and games production, enabling precise synchronisation and quality performance. QUTPro adopts similar synchronisation principles to enable publishing of unique, interactive multilingual, audio-synchronised apps.

VoiceQ is now recognised by Netflix and licensed to 184 studios globally, with projects as diverse as global localisation of Netflix hits Fauda and The Break; soundscapes for Audible France; localisation to Kiswahili in East Africa; and dubbing to Māori for Disney’s Moana and Cartoon Network. QUTPro has produced 500+ Apps in 22 languages and just secured its first offshore licensing deal in Australia.

With the media industry shifting to collaborative processes delivered on a global scale, new R&D from Kiwa Digital supported by Callaghan Innovation focuses on integrating localisation solutions and delivering in the cloud.