Located in Tasmania’s Defence & Maritime precinct at Prince of Wales Bay near Hobart, PFG’s operation is embedded in a deep, reliable supply chain, culture and logistics hub delivering world leading projects. With additional manufacturing facilities in Victoria and South Australia, we proudly distribute our Australian designed and manufactured products to a global market.

PFG’s flagship product, The Sentinel, is the next generation in world class tactical watercraft. The Sentinel range offers a step change in performance, whole of life cost and operational availability across adaptable mission specific configurations. In partnership with One2three naval architects, PFG has developed and delivered integrated maritime systems which enhance the mission capability for Defence and security organisations offering unmatched performance, safety and stability.

Designed by naval architects One2three, The Sentinel vessels are a mature and proven platform with over 100 vessels in current operations and are available up to 15 metres in length in various configurations including inboard or outboard propulsion, hard and soft collars, plate vessels, cabins or consoles, with significant payload capacity up to 6,000kg.

The Sentinel vessels are manufactured from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), a cost effective, environmentally friendly semi-crystalline engineered polymer that demonstrates several properties which rate is as a superior boat building material. The Sentinels are highly stable, provide superior reliability and availability and transfer low impact to the crew as the HDPE hull absorbs vibration.

It is these virtues that The Sentinel brings to a new generation of evolved fast military vessels, search and rescue vessels and support craft.