Getting started with Defence and National Security Agencies

Companies aspiring to supply into Defence and other National Security Agencies in New Zealand, often voice frustration about how hard it is to find the right people to engage with and when they do the process is long and slow.

NZDIA can help.

If you are just starting on your research into the commercial opportunities that might be of interest to you, we recommend that you:

  • Read the following publications which are all available online:
  • The Strategic Defence Policy Statement See Click Here
  • The 2019 Defence Capability Plan  (Due out May or June 2019) in the meantime the 2016 Plan is here: Click Here
  • The Government Rules of Sourcing  See: Click Here
  • Make contact with NZDIA and we can meet with you (and ideally facilitate attendance by NZDF and MOD representatives, as well as other National Security Agencies) to assist you in getting started; and
  • Join NZDIA.