NZDIA IDEAS 2020 Defence Information Engagement Acceleration Summit– Part One – Online

Part One Meeting held on 1st & 2nd of September 2020

IDEAS2020 PART One Insights Package

We have compiled and collected all the information from this event and have put together a detailed and easy-to-read Guide to help navigate around the materials.
This document, called the IDEAS 2020 Insights Pack is now available for download HERE

About this Event

The DCP workshop in August 2019 was the first opportunity for industry to hear about the capabilities being considered in this domain, and Defence has been planning for some time to create an opportunity to engage with industry. The Information Domain will herald a change to the NZDF Operating Model. This Event is a “Must Attend” for all current and prospective suppliers to both MOD and NZDF.
Industry has a first and historical opportunity to contribute to the establishment of this new and increasingly important domain, and Government has signalled strongly that it is looking to us (industry) to come up with solutions around information driven personnel, IT, AI, big data, data analytics, infrastructure, training and other capabilities across intelligence, cyber and electronic warfare, information activities and C4. While maintaining NZDIA’s core focus on Defence stakeholders, IDEAS 2020 will bring together industry (local, regional and international) and also a range of Government agencies, to explore the development of further long term collaboration, in relation to the information domain.

Part One: Tuesday 1 & Wednesday 2 September 2020: With a focus on information delivery from Defence to Industry (key info sessions in the afternoon of 1 September)

Other Available resources from this event:

Slides from Presenters

Presentation Videos

Nick Gillard & Pete Franken – Introducing the Information Domain

Hugh McAslan & Matt Ottaway – Current Projects, Joint Intelligence Project (JIP)

Sunita Musa & Jared Licht – Cyber Security & Support Capability

Carl Nixon & Brendon Oakley – Current Business Update

Audra McCarthy – Promoting your Business on a Page with a Quad Chart

Chris Helder – Influencing Others in Our New Reality

David Morrison-Jones – The Seven Steps for Pitching to Defence

Jane Parker – Practical insights from recent contractual case law

Michelle Dickinson & Joe Davis – Building the Future Tech Workforce Today

Jon Ragg & Fi MacLeod – Project Aotearoa A Microsoft NZ Azure Datacentre