Complete 3D is a Additive Manufacturing SME consultancy company that provides businesses with a unique perspective on manufacturing products and services. Complete 3D’s business philosophy is to work with New Zealand businesses to assist with identifying application and materials that are manufacturable through Additive Manufacturing technologies. This approach provides these businesses with the confidence in Additive products and open new doors for niche and high value product offerings.

Working with NZDIA has provided Complete 3D with member base to collaborate with, share ideas and deliver excellence to all defence industry partners. They have created a network of opportunity and are very helpful when it comes to addressing defence needs and services. In most cases it is the networking opportunities and collaboration with other NZDIA members that support each other in achieving mutually beneficial goals. NZDIA are doing an amazing job for industry and it is a privilege to be part of the NZDIA eco system.

Jim Collins | Complete 3D

Loop Technologies is an SME offering a range of electronics services, and as part of our company strategy we decided to pursue Defence opportunities within NZ. When we looked at the industry, there was no easy way for us to directly establish a profile.  Our first decision was to join the NZDIA, to provide us with a single point of entry.  Since then the NZDIA has given us many and varied opportunities to engage – introductions, information, networking events and the ability to exhibit to a wide audience of interested defence and security players.  NZDIA membership has easily been the best approach we could have taken to gain access to key people within Defence.

Roger Hurst | Loop Technologies