NZDIA IDEAS 2020 Part Two – Online – 4 – 5 November 2020

This page is full of information about this fantastic event.
If you would like to know more, you can find event more information by downloading a copy of the Part One event handbook HERE.

If you have any issues during this online event you can e-mail to contact the helpful Paxable staff members and get the issues resolved ASAP.

For an simple and easy to read breakdown of this fantastic event, we recommend taking a look at our Prospectus Document which can be downloaded HERE.
Please note that the Prospectus has the previous dates for Part Two which is now being held on the 4th & 5th of November.


As you would expect, we have been busy since the close of Part One of IDEAS 2020 (the Information Domain Engagement Acceleration Summit 2020), focused on delivering Part Two. See below for further information about the many options for your participation in Part Two. 

Part Two of IDEAS 2020 is nearly here! So put the dates 4-5 November in your diaries and sign up NOW to avoid missing out! There will be plenty of useful discussions and networking opportunities for everyone, regardless of which domain you are currently interested in. If we can pull in any other domain specific speakers we will, so save the date just in case.

Part Two is a “Must Attend” for all current and prospective suppliers to MOD, NZDF and other Government Agencies as well as the staff of NZDF, MOD and all agencies interested in the technology, digital and Information spheres and how the new domain will support the area of Defence they are focused on.

On this page we cover:

  • How to register to attend Part Two (if not done so already) (registration is still available even if you did not attend Part One);
  • Information on how you can apply to run a booth at Part Two or be a sponsor;

Background to this Event

In 2019, the The Defence Capability Plan gave us an initial glimpse into what New Zealand’s information domain might look like. The DCP states:

“Enhancing situational awareness, response, information fidelity and command and control ability, the information domain is essential to ensuring military capabilities are enhanced and remain credible within a global context.”

The DCP workshop in August 2019 was the first opportunity for industry to hear about the capabilities being considered in this domain, and Defence has been planning for some time to create an opportunity to engage with industry.

Industry has a first and historical opportunity to contribute to the establishment of this new and increasingly important domain, and Government has signaled strongly that it is looking to us (industry) to come up with solutions around information driven personnel, IT, AI, big data, data analytics, infrastructure, training and other capabilities across intelligence, cyber and electronic warfare, information activities and C4.

While maintaining NZDIA’s core focus on Defence stakeholders, IDEAS 2020 will bring together industry (local, regional and international) and also a range of Government agencies, to explore the development of further long term collaboration, in relation to the information domain.

To ensure we strike the balance between broadcast of critical info needed by Industry, and giving industry time to marshal their thoughts and ideas to share back with Defence, we decided on a Two Part Summit.

Structure of IDEAS 2020 Part Two

In Part Two there is an opportunity for industry, academia and other agencies to engage with MOD/NZDF people and projects again with the emphasis on Defence and agencies listening to the ideas and solutions around the Info Domain, of industry and academia.

Detailed information about the event will follow as we complete the design taking in the views and ideas of industry. In the meantime, an idea of the likely structure and info about the Platform can be found in the Handbook for Part One, which can be viewed HERE.

In Part Two there will be:

  • Multiple sessions and streams
  • Academic Thought Leadership and cutting edge research insights
  • Opportunities to operate pre-recorded and manned (live) booths
  • Opportunities to maximise influence on Government thinking, with industry presentations on capability and thought leadership
  • Live presentations from Government MOD and replays of the key presentations from Part One
  • Peer to peer industry discussions around collaboration on projects and supply chain relationships
  • The opportunity to engage with NZDF and MOD industry engagement teams, speakers and personnel in attendance, to discuss further the opportunities for industry within the Information Domain
    and, as always with NZDIA Events,
  • Networking in a range of different ways.

We have identified 9 topic areas around which we will structure Part Two being:

  1. Cyber and Electronic Warfare
  2. Intelligence
  3. Information Activities
  4. Command, Control and Communication
  5. Information Environment
  6. Corporate and Operations
  7. All of Government
  8. Academic
  9. NZDF/MOD Industry Engagement.

As you consider the topics you might propose to us it would be helpful to associate with one or more of these tags.

Indicative Part Two Schedule

“Ten Minutes on…..” 

In Part Two we are launching a new NZDIA initiative at our events: “Ten Minutes on…..”

 “Decisions should be based on facts, objectively considered, what I call the fact-founded, thought-through approach to decision making.” — Marvin Bower

This series of 10 minute presentations/bursts, will be delivered primarily by industry and academia. In Part Two, it gives an opportunity to support the Information Domain initiatives which are focused on ‘offering options for the NZDF to best shape itself to meet the foreseeable future.”

Providing facts, knowledge, research outcomes, problem specification and information, this series seeks to provide a common platform for debate and discussion and, ideally a common language in the domain.

The series has 6 themes and we are offering industry and academia, the chance to present the facts, ideas, research and applications around aspects of the chosen Theme.

The Six Themes are:

  1. Technology
  2. Science
  3. Data and Knowledge Management
  4. Commercial and Contract Management
  5. People and Leadership
  6. Digital and Personal Well-being

The NZDIA Team is ready to receive topic ideas that match a Theme and experts to deliver their expertise.

NZDIA is also looking for sponsors for each Theme. The benefits description will be available as a separate fact-sheet.

To ensure these sessions are of maximum value to everyone we will:

  • Schedule blocks of 3 x 10 minute sessions throughout Part Two;
  • Provide a session room in the Hopin Platform, to allow Q and A post session, along with a chat function for the discussions to continue;
  • We will certify attendance at each block so it qualifies for CPD or other continuing education points;
  • Record all the sessions for future viewing;
  • Create a dedicated private YouTube channel accessible to Government and industry staff for on-going access;
  • Create a fact sheet catching the key info from each 10 minutes on… session;
  • Add the sponsor’s logo to all collateral about that Theme, to show our appreciation of their support of fact-founded, thought-through decision making.

We have a working list of current ideas for topics under each theme but do not want to restrict your ideas. So over to industry and academia as to what these topics should be and who is going to cover them?

The Academic Stream

The Academic stream is under design and discussions are underway with a range of universities. We are keen to see:

  • presentations on current and future academic research relevant to the Info Domain;
  • current exciting collaborations between universities and industry; and
  • views on the technology landscape.

Email to discuss.

Register to Attend Part Two

If you have not already registered for Part Two (alone or as part of your Part One registration)  you can register for Part Two by completing the simple registration form below:

Complete the Sign Up for Part Two Form HERE

Attendance is free for people from NZDIA Member Organisations, NZ and Australian SMEs (fewer than 20 FTEs globally) and Attendees from NZDF/MOD and other Government Agencies.

To help defray the Platform and other costs being borne by NZDIA Members, for everyone else:

The fee to attend Part Two only is NZ$200 plus GST.
Invoices will be issued and payment can be taken by credit card.

Attendance is free for Sponsors and Exhibitors.

Please add, and to your email safe senders and domains list to ensure your acknowledgement and unique event login link arrives in your inbox.