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New Zealand Defence Industry Association

The Who

NZDIA is an Incorporated Association, incorporated under the Incorporated Societies Act 1908.

NZDIA came into being in 1993, from the springboard of the ANZAC Frigate Project, to take the role of industry’s key conduit into the Government’s defence agencies: New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) and the Ministry of Defence (MOD).

The what

“Connecting Industry with Defence and National Security Agencies for the Benefit of New Zealand”

“NZDIA has been in existence since 1993. In 2017, in recognition of the 2016 Defence White Paper and the launch of the National Security System Handbook, the Board changed the NZDIA vision. This new vision recognises the national security benefits for all, when industry collaborates with a wider range of agencies and not just Defence. “  Andrew Ford, NZDIA Chairman

Now in 2019, NZDIA still works to support government and industry in delivering improved commercial outcomes for Defence, associated agencies (e.g. security, intelligence, border control, police, customs) and industry. NZDIA does this, by continuing to be recognised as the Defence Industry Stakeholder Representative of Choice for reference, consultation and engagement across industry, sector and procurement initiatives. NZDIA is working towards achieving this same recognition from other National Security Agencies.

The How

A key focus was and still is, enabling Members to be informed about, understand and support, the Crown’s Defence and National Security procurement programmes. An essential element of this focus is NZDIA’S role, in conjunction with many Government procurement programmes, of creating opportunities to share industry innovation and thinking, with Defence and other agencies, to help shape their decision making and future capability vision.

During the year, NZDIA delivers to members through a wide range of mechanisms. The most valuable is creating opportunities for face to face interaction, learning and trust building, between defence and other agency staff and industry.

The Value of NZDIA for each Member organisation

The value of membership is different for every member organisation and we strive to keep adding to our activities, reflecting that the needs of organisations vary substantially and we seek to satisfy as many requirements as we can while delivering the NZDIA vision.

We know that for organisations wishing to engage with Defence and National Security Agencies in New Zealand,  some or all of the following will assist in delivering on their strategies of supply into NZ and overseas Governments or, into the supply chains of those who already supply:

  • Invitations to attend regular Member Meetings, across NZ;
  • Relationship and network building opportunities across defence & national security agencies and across New Zealand;
  • Introductions to potential supply chain partners;
  • Named membership on NZDIA website and in promotional materials;
  • Representation overseas at events such as LandForces, Pacific, Avalon and CIVSEC and/or assistance and networking support for those who attend themselves;
  • Preferential pricing for NZDIA Major Event participation;
  • Preferential access to NZDIA Major Event Sponsorship opportunities;
  • Preferential access to training and skills development to assist with competitiveness and positioning; and
  • Invitation to attend the Annual Member only Events including the Industry and Defence Executive Lunch, with senior Defence staff.

The NZDIA Ecosystem

NZDIA recognises the importance to New Zealand, of informed national security discussions with as broad a cross section of industry and government, as possible.  Reflecting this, NZDIA welcomes individuals from non-member organisations (both industry and government) to attend many of the NZDIA events.

Any organisation or individual not ready to apply for Membership can join the NZDIA mailing list to receive news and invitations to open events.

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With over twenty years serving Defence in New Zealand, NZDIA is a trusted source of information, advice and support for industry across the World

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