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Join the NZDIA Today

  1. Identify the correct Membership Category and size for your organization below;

  2. CLICK HERE to access the Membership Application Form;

  3. Complete and submit the Form;

  4. Consideration of the Application by the NZDIA Board and approval by a majority of the Board; and

  5. Onboarding as a Member and payment of the first year’s Membership Fee.

Joining the NZDIA is easy:

Types of Membership

Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership is for commercial organisations of any size based in New Zealand or elsewhere in the World, whose business interests include (or aspire to include) supply to Defence and/or other Government Agencies.

  • Large Corporate
    (50+ employees worldwide)

    • Annual Fee NZ$3,150 + GST

  • Small to Medium Corporate
    (1-49 employees worldwide)

    • Annual Fee NZ$1,890 + GST

Associate Membership

Associate membership is for non-commercial organisations (such as not-for-profit associations, Government agencies, other government funded agencies, research institutes, etc.) whose purpose is consistent with NZDIA’s mandate.

  • Large Associate
    (50+ employees worldwide)

    • Annual Fee NZ$2,650 + GST

  • Small to Medium Associate
    (1-49 employees worldwide)

    • Annual Fee NZ$1,260 + GST

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