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Supporting the valuable contributions of industry from NZ and across the world

In the 2019 Defence Capability Plan (DCP), the NZDIA is described as
‘… the preeminent body representing the commercial interests of Defence industry and its individual members. It is industry’s main conduit into Defence and vice versa.’


At the NZDIA Forum on 1 November 2018 Ron Mark, Minister for Defence said:
“Indeed, to deliver value to the Community, Nation and the World into the future, the importance of fostering strong and enduring relationships with Defence industry suppliers cannot be overstated. However, it would be a mistake to define defence industry too narrowly. The value it provides to the Defence Force, and to New Zealand communities, is greater than the delivery of platforms and equipment alone.
Trends such as climate change, transnational crime, irregular migration and terrorism will see the diversity and frequency of events we need to respond to grow. We will require strong strategic partnerships for in-service support to enable our capabilities to maintain high availability and be ready to respond to these changes.”


You can read Testimonials from some of our NZDIA Member Organisations Here

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  • Lance Johns

    BGIS Ltd

    Thanks again for the recent NZDIA event in Wellington last week, was a great and informative session.

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  • Derek Cowan

    Turner & Townsend

    This event was my first ‘In Person’ meeting with the NZDIA since joining. I found the information and agenda helped decide whether or not to travel and attend in person. The speakers and presentations were very open and clear. I got what I wanted and expected out of topics. I particularly like the video recordings to allow my report to be correct and not from scribbled notes completely. All in all I found the event was

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  • Matt Garty

    Honeywell Ltd

    Thanks so much for your hospitality at the NZDIA Members Meeting. Really enjoyed it and hopefully it is the start of things to come as we look to get more engaged with the Defence Industry, so that we can help to support the upcoming works by implementing more sustainable and cost-effective solutions.

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